Digital designer toys by Andrew Sinn. Delicious!

I make mobile games, Tarot apps and more...

Willhelm Tarot

The Bernhard Willhelm Fashion Tarot App

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eBoy FixPix

The US top ten puzzling tilt game with pixel art by eBoy - now expanded!

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A Tarot full of character! The deck was carefully compiled by the prestigious Pictoplasma project.

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Reach for the stars to receive intergalactic guidance with a dash of science and astronomy!

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Gold Tarot

Make your own Tarot readings with gold plaited cards that shimmer when you move your phone.

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Space Oracle

Reach for the stars to receive intergalactic guidance with a dash of science and astrology!

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This geometric font has it's gravity centre in the metric vertical.

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Abductor Pro

Abduct earthlings to populate uninhabited planets!

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Blocky Humans

Free stickers for iMessage!

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Kaleidoscopic 3D objects flying around your head in virtual reality. For the Oculus Go.

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About Delicious Toys

Hi! This is Andrew Sinn. I run Delicious Toys as an independent studio for UX design and Unity3D development in Berlin, Germany.

  • Conception and UX design for apps

    My concepts and designs usually informed by technological possibilities and feasibility. I can work within systems or create a unique voice for projects.

  • Prototyping with Unity3D

    For prototypes I iterate design and functionality at the same time. A design needs to function and the functionality needs design sensibility to feel great. This is true for apps, games, VR and AR experiences.

  • Game production

    Conception, design and development - full service production of smaller mobile games.

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