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Based in Berlin, Germany

Release date:
November 28, 2013

iPhone and iPad


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Abduct humans from earth to populate uninhabited planets across the galaxy!

In Abductor Pro, you play the alien Antaris, who flies over Planet Earth’s surface in his UFO. You tilt your device to aim at humans and tap the screen to beam them up. Use your second thumb to shoot at unmanned air mines, barrels and drones. Defeating a helicopter is a bit more complicated.

This ‘ego-beamer’ game plays like a shooter - but nobody gets hurt. The challenge is to beam up the right humans, because not all human types can survive extraterrestrial conditions. So you better study the Abduction Holopad carefully before you start your mission.

As you progress through your abductor career you will unlock new planets, which will challenge you with different scenarios and disturbances: artillery, changing weather conditions, swapping humans and control system damages. During your missions, you can earn cherries that are used to unlock new types of humans in the cherry shop.


Ploink is the co-founder of Delicious Toys, best known for tilt-puzzle game called “eBoy FixPix”, a collaboration with the famous pixel artists eBoy. It was well-received on IGN, Touch Arcade, Engadget, Mashable and Kotaku and went up #5 in US top paid AppStore charts in 2010. It was also featured as Apple’s App Of The Week in Japan for both iPhone and iPad.

The game idea for Abductor Pro developed from the vision of humans watching the world from the top of buildings. After a 2D game prototype in flash it evolved to 3D when Ploink started getting serious about Unity3D. He developed both the game and the art style simultaneously until he achieved something he considered new, unique and fun. He also did all 3D modelling, programming, menus, sound design and even some of the music (Bach remixes) on his own.


  • 'Ego-beamer' arcade gameplay
  • Unique 'wallpapered low polygon' art style
  • Tilt and tap controls, tailored for iOS (no virtual joystick)
  • 14 unlockable planets with different challenges and scenarios
  • 42 blocky humans to abduct and unlock
  • No in app purchases.
  • Soundtrack features remixes J.S. Bach fugues


Abductor Pro - Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Abductor Pro - Release teaser YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    Abductor Pro has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "What better way is there to spend your weekend than by abducting innocent humans?"
        - Daniel Celeste, AppAdvice
      • "Boxy, But Good - Abductor Pro gets a lot of value out of its core concept"
        - Evan Killham, Cult of Mac
      • "Lovely, harmless take on the shooter genre"
        - Eleanor, MMO Hunter
      • "Abductor Pro [ist] eine schräge Mischung aus Geschicklichkeits- und Memory-Spiel. Eine Empfehlung für groß und klein."
        - Martin Larisch, App Talk

      About Delicious Toys

      Delicious Toys is a Berlin-based studio for digital designer toys.

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      Abductor Pro Credits

      Andrew 'Ploink' Sinn
      Game Designer, Artist, Music

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks