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August, 2020

iPhone and iPad


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The Bernhard Willhelm Fashion Tarot App

Tap into the eccentric world of Bernhard Willhelm’s fashion to inspire your decision making, problem solving and personality analysis.

This Tarot app features photography from Bernhard Willhelm’s timeless fashion collections across the last two decades. The cards pick up the themes of the classic Rider Waite Tarot with an eclectic mix of outrageous clothing - staged with a diverse cast of models in expressive poses and with symbolic props and accessories.

The app guides you through the process of performing your own Tarot readings to reflect on questions about life, love, success, dreams and the self. It is easy to use, provides an engaging user experience and offers premium features such as saving and sharing your readings and daily cards delivered as notifications.

The 22 cards of the Major Arcana will be free to use, while you can unlock the complete deck of 78 card with a simple in-app purchase.



Bernhard Willhelm:

Bernhard Willhelm is a German fashion designer.

Wilhellm’s clothing has been described as being typified by craftsmanship, eclecticism and irony. His inspirations range from South German folklore, historical costume to sport and traditional Japanese dress as well as questions of diversity, the human condition, facets of culture and perceptions of reality. Eccentric silhouettes, for both men and women, are additional characteristic features of Willhelm's work.

Wilhelm is known for his unconventional approach to presenting seasonal collections, preferring installations, performances and tableaux vivants over the fashion runway.

Delicious Toys:

Delicious Toys is a Berlin-based studio for digital designer toys.

Delicious Toys designs and produces apps, games, fonts and VR experiences. Their 2010 hit game "eBoy FixPix" was recognised for its innovative take on the puzzle genre and peaked at #5 in the US paid apps top ten.


  • 78 fashion inspired Tarot cards
  • 11 simple one-, two- and three-card reading spreads
  • 11 in depths spreads including Tarot classics such as the “Celtic Cross”
  • Animated cards and dramatic sound effects
  • Meaning keywords allow instant understanding of each card
  • In-depth information about each card
  • Save and share your readings
  • Receive your daily card automatically as a notification


App demo: 3-card reading "You + Me" YouTube

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      Delicious Toys is a Berlin-based studio for digital designer toys.

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      Willhelm Tarot Credits

      Andrew 'Ploink' Sinn
      Tarot Deck, App Concept, Design, Development

      Bernhard Willhelm
      Fashion Design

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks